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GAFA Studios offers a wide array of dance classes including: ballet, contemporary, creative movement, hip hop, jazz, modern, pointe, tap, acro and conditioning. In addition to dance classes, we also offer art classes for ages 5 and up. 


***Please note that students must complete the prerequisites before enrollment in advanced level classes. Mastery of a previous level is required for advancement to the next level. Teachers will notify students and parents of their readiness for advancement.***


      Creative Movement:     Ages 2-3

      Pre-Ballet/Tap:               Ages 4-5

      Beginning Ballet:           6-8 years old (6 and up or mastery of Pre-Ballet)

      Teen/Adult Ballet: 12 and older

      Ballet Levels 1-6:  Placement determined by staff 


      Pointe:  Upon readiness of student as determined by the instructor. 

                    Must be enrolled in two  or more Ballet classes level 3 or higher.


      Beginning Tap/Jazz:    6-8 years old 

      Jazz levels 1-4: Placement determined by staff

      Tap 1:   Beginner/intermediate

      Tap 2:   Intermediate

      Tap 3:   Advanced


       Modern Levels 1-4: Placement determined by staff


       Contemporary Levels 1-3: Placement determined by staff

       (All students enrolled ages 9+ in Contemporary must have had at least one year of

                          Modern technique and be currently enrolled in Modern)


         Hip Hop 1:   5-10 years old

         Hip Hop 2:   11 and older 

         Hip Hip 3: Mastery of Hip Hop 2 / Ages 13+                                     



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